Orimattila is located in southern Päijät-Häme.

Orimattila is the geographical centre of the Province of South Finland. The municipality was founded in 1865, and it became a city in 1992. The municipality of Artjärvi became part of Orimattila in 2011. In the Middle Ages, Artjärvi was part of the parish of Hollola, and later belonged to the administrative parish of Uusikylä. The municipality of Artjärvi was founded in 1866.

The earliest history of Orimattila is represented by several Stone Age dwelling sites in the valley of the Porvoonjoki River. The rapids in the local rivers were taken into use at an early stage with mills for grinding flour and sawmills. The 19th and early 20th-century mills and dam structures at the Tönnö rapids survive as the main relics of early use of water power. Also the manors of Orimattila are mostly situated on or near the Porvoonjoki River.

The lace-making tradition of Heinämaa village in Orimattila dates from the 18th century. A former woollen mills in the town centre is a reminder older industries in Orimattila. The woollen mill was founded by the dyer K. H. Attila in 1882 and its buildings now house businesses and workspace. Orimattila has a wide range of attractions related to art and culture and displaying both the classics of Finnish art and contemporary art.

Orimattilan kaupunki - The city of Orimattila


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