The Cottage Museum of the Shoemaker Heikan Jussi

The Cottage Museum of the Shoemaker Heikan Jussi is located in Hollola, in the village of Herrala.

This museum is the bequest of the shoemaker Juho Mäkäräinen, or Heikan Jussi (1892 - 1967) to his community, and was established in 1967 according to the provisions of his will.The museum presents the workspace and home of a village shoemaker, while also illustrating the life of an exceptionally gifted member of his community.

Heikan Jussi has even been the subject of a doctoral dissertation and a book on his correspondence. The dissertation and the book, both in Finnish, are on sale in the museum.

The museum is maintained by the Herrala local heritage association.

Address: Herralantie 633, Hollola
Open: From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays in August
Enquiries: administrative affairs, Risto Pilvinen,