Hartola, the Royal Parish, is located in East-Häme, in the northern Päijät-Häme.

The place-name of Hartola is first mentioned in a document from 1398. Hartola separated from Sysmä Parish in 1784, when Gustav III of Sweden declared it to be a separate parish with its own vicar. The king named the new parish Gustaf Adolfs socken (Gustaf Adolf Parish) after the crown prince of Sweden. The old name of Hartola was restored in 1867. Hartola's period as a royal parish has not been forgotten - in 1987 the municipality declared itself a kingdom, and in June a Royal Feast is held in Hartola together with an Old Time Fair.

Hartola is known as a parish of manors and writers. The Museum of East Häme is at Koskipää Manor, and the East Häme Adult Education Institute was established at Eko Manor in 1908. The author Maila Talvio was born in Hartola, and the poet Uuno Kailas, who was born in Heinola, spent his childhood and youth in Hartola. The Hartola-born poet Uno von Schrowe depicted local themes of East Häme.

Hartolan kunta - Municipality of Hartola


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