The Danielson-Kalmari Villa

The Danielson-Kalmari Villa is located in Vääksy and it is a part of the Vääksy canal cultural environment.

State Counsellor Johan Richard Danielson-Kalmari (1853 - 1933) was a historian and politician. Alongside his career as professor of general history at the University of Helsinki, he was also a member of the Finnish Senate and a journalist. In 1892 he bought a Neo-Renaissance style villa near the Vääksy Canal as a summer residence for his family and he spent his summers there until 1932.

The villa and its surrounding grounds have been restored, and in the house there are two museum rooms decorated in the style of the early 20th century as a dining room and a study. The exhibits in the latter room include published works by Danielson-Kalmari. Various events and art exhibitions are also held at the villa.

The museum is maintained by the Municipality of Asikkala.


Address: Kalmarintie 8, Vääksy
Opening hours: 19.6. - 11.8.2019 Tue-Wed and Fri-Sun 12 am. - 4 pm., Thu 12 am. - 5 pm. 
Enquiries: Tel. 044 778 0701
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